Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#Review - Ground Cayenne Pepper from Joy's Teaspoon

Often, I ingest a teaspoon with a mix of honey, cayenne, ginger, lemon juice and pureed raw onion as an immune booster. It is a great way to dissolve the mucus from my allergies without throwing my body completely off balance. I make small portions and keep it in my fridge in a small sized mason jar for quick consumption. I'm big on natural remedies. I believe it is important to seek balance through healthy diet and lifestyle choices and sometimes what your body needs can be found in the kitchen.

I received a sample of ground Cayenne Pepper from Joy's Teaspoon, this organically cultivated spice has a bold fiery orange color and was a very welcomed addition to my last batch of immune booster. We were very grateful to have this mix during flu season. Cayenne has wonderful health benefits. It can help draw an infection out of the body by creating heat within the body. It helps the body sweat so you flush out toxins and other chemicals.

Disclaimer: I received a sample of Cayenne Pepper from Joy's Teaspoon in exchange for my honest review. No additional compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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