Sunday, February 5, 2012

#Review - #Organic Tea, Winter Wonderland Nights

Last night, I enjoyed the company of a dear friend who has been living in the city for the last few months. Not only is she a dear friend but a fellow music maker and I miss her presence in my life while she has been going back to school. It was nice to see her last night if only for a few hours. While she was here I put on a pot of Winter Wonderland from Joy's Teaspoon. It was a perfect evening for a tea that spoke of Winter. A fire was lit in the wood stove and the smell of this tea fresh in the tin and in the pot was mesmerizing. It was deep and calming with a hint of magic. There is chocolate in this coffee, chocolate... like it didn't already have me hooked. We were both very impressed with the deliciousness of this tea.

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