Thursday, February 23, 2012

#Review - Camino Fair Trade #Chocolate Candy Bars

Almond and Raisins: Hail the raisin and its chocolate dreams! Every time I munched on a raisin while eating this bar, I found myself reminded of my childhood. A full fledged flashback to a pint sized me and my little red wagon, carefully picking chocolate covered raisins out of a box of Glosettes while I played in the yard. I loved them so much as a child. I certainly preferred them to chocolate covered peanuts and those were quite tasty as well. I really enjoyed this bar a great deal although I found it lacking in the raisin quantity department. 

Peanut Butter: This tastes like a slightly healthier version of your classic Reese Peanut Butter Cup only it is made with Cane Sugar and other organic ingredients. Perfect for those little cravings we all have on occasion.

Almond ButterThis one pleasantly surprised me. I was not anticipating an Almond version of the Peanut Butter bar... I was expected a creamy almond flavored bar with a super creamy consistency. Yummy!!

Hazelnut Butter: Unfortunately, I didn't get to try! My husband found it in the middle of the night during his sweet cravings. He must of enjoyed it because there was nothing left to it when I awoke in the morning, just a wrapper on the night stand and a happily snoozing hubby.

Puffed Rice and Quinoa: This tastes like one of those rice Chocolate Easter Bunny, so if you are looking for an alternative with healthier, non-toxic ingredients; this is the bar for you. Perhaps the great Easter Bunny will bring you treats. Remind him to stop by my house as well when you see him. Busy fellow.

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