Friday, February 3, 2012

#Review - Beanitos - My Hearty Bean Chip Friend

Lately, I have been watching a 5 year old girl after school along with my own children. She gets off the bus with my youngest son every day after school and I watch her until just after supper. It has been quite comical to observe her each day. The contrast between her and my boys really is like night and day. I am very glad that they get along so well. Today, I had a multipack filled with 4 varieties of Beanitos arrive. With the children soon to arrive on the bus, I couldn't think of a better opportunity to collect tiny, yet valuable opinions.

I sat down with the children and explained that some chips are made with potatoes, corn, spinach and these ones are made of beans! I've never had bean chips before... have you? Both of them shook their heads. Would you like to try them with me. Considering it was snack time, it suddenly made their afternoon quite fun.  There were 2 different varieties of chips made from different beans in a regular version and a flavored version. So the choices were: Regular Black Bean Chips, BBQ Chipotle Black Bean Chips, Regular Pinto Bean and Flax Chips and last but not least Cheese

The little lady, my son and I plowed through those first 4 bags and I think my son could have finished off the rest of the multipack if I would have let him. As filling as they are, his stomach does not come equipped with a flashing red sign that says: "I am FULL, Food Denied". Every bag Ty tried was his new favorite. The tiny visiting lady claimed both the regular Pinto Bean and Flax Seed bag and the Regular Flavored Black Bean chip and placed them on her lap on the couch and snacked away."These are mine, okay." She's comical.

When my oldest son came home I thought it was only fair that I open up another 4 bags for him to try. He compared ingredients! I was so impressed with the awareness he was placing in his observations of the product. He loved the taste of the BBQ Chipotle and said it was probably the best tasting barbeque chip he has had in a long time. He asked me if I could pack a bag in his lunch tomorrow. I just might, I wonder how many of his friends will try them.

I asked him to save half out of each bag so I could bring them downstairs into the jam room for my husband and his visiting friend to try. I then closed the door behind me and proceeded to grab some wood to put in the wood stove and I could over hear them discussing the chips and comparing them to the stout of beers. Wonderful beer drinkers analogy. They are certainly the potato chips dark, hearty, nutritious friend.

Although there is more fat (good fats) in the Pinto Bean and Flax then in the Black Bean, the calories are quiet reasonable especially when you compare them to other chips of any variety. I personally prefer the taste of the Pinto bean over the black bean but they are both delicious. I certainly wouldn't argue to eating a bag of either one of these varieties, flavored or unflavored. There is a lot more sodium in the BBQ Chipotle but that is to be expected. No GMO's, high in Omega 3's, Gluten Free, High Fiber, a great source of protein this chips are packed with nutrition. What makes them really unique? These chips are certified low Glycemic which is just fantastic!

Not only are these chips great on their own but I feel they would be the perfect dipping companion to a nice bowl of guacamole or other dip of preference.

Right now I have quiet kids with happy bellies and I don't think any of them even realize supper is coming... except maybe Ty!

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