Thursday, January 19, 2012

#Review - Xenessence Bath & Beauty

XenEssence Bath and Beauty is a Canadian based out of Ontario. They sent me a Lavender Bath BombPina Colada Lip BalmSweet Orange Un-petroleum Jelly and 3 other products that I will review separately to keep my review at reasonable length.

The Lavender Bath Bomb was pretty impressive. I washed my hair prior to placing the bath bomb in the water and then just put it in an up-do to keep it out of the water. I knew that the bath bomb must contain a lot of oil if they thought it important to enclose a note making sure that I washed my hair first. Sure enough as the bath bomb dissolved in the water I noticed tiny little lavender oil globules all around the tub. The bath water felt soft and exquisite and my skin felt as moisturized as it does with the best of lavender scrubs.

The Pina Colada Lip Balm wasn't thick like many lip balms on the market. It is very slick and non-greasy. It turns out the very first listed ingredient is Sweet Almond oil which is known for those attributes. This is probably hands down the best lip balm I have ever tried. It is more oily, less waxy and the oil is non greasy. It shines and it feels nice on my lips.

The Sweet Orange Un-Petroleum Jelly is great for any application that calls for Petroleum Jelly, except this Un-Petroleum Jelly is Petroleum free! I have been putting a tiny dab on my lips at bedtime and also using a small amount on my elbows which have been dryer than usual this year. It has been pretty windy around these parts as of late and my lips can use the extra protection. The sweet orange scent is quite invigorating.

You can find Xenessence Bath and Beauty on their website.

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