Sunday, January 22, 2012

#Review: Joy's Teaspoon - Mahalo Green Tea

Naomi Rosen and I have two things in common: We both love tea and our mothers were both given the name Joy. Formed in 2010, Joy's teaspoon features a variety of teas and spices, many of which are organic and/or Fair Trade. The company that hosts their website is powered by carbon neutral and wind powered company. All of her products come in reusable tins or glass bottles. These are just a few of many of their Earth loving actions.

I received 3 different teas to review and 3 different spices. Today I will review the Mahalo Green Tea. Made with green tea leaves, pineapple cubes, mango cubes, flavoring, safflower and sunflower blossoms 1 oz of this tea can be brewed multiple times. All you need to do is increase the brewing time by 1-2 minutes. 1 oz of tea from Joy's teaspoon can provide 12 -15 single cup servings.

The tea is very sweet and really doesn't require sweetener, although if you must I recommend some raw honey. I'll let it slide this time! *winks* You can taste the fruity hints of pineapple and mango cubes throughout the tea. The tea leaves themselves are flavorful. I'll have you know I plan on spending the rest of the evening indulging in this never ending cup of tea. I made a whole pot, nothing like a hot cup of comfort.

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