Friday, December 16, 2011

Product Review: Nature Balance Wellness - Part 2

I reviewed the facial collection for oily skin by Nature Balance Wellness . I had also received a few extra products at that time that I decided to review separately. So I could pay a little extra focus to each of these well deserved products without having a ridiculously long blog post. Today I'm going to review the Beach with Lime Body Wash, the Desire Body Lotion and the Healing Balm for Burns, Scrapes and Rashes.
Crisp, refreshing and lightly foaming, Beach with Lime Body Wash is the perfect embodiment of the ocean and the scent of that lime wedge on the side of whatever your drink of choice might be. I love using this in the shower and the smell has an invigorating effect on my spirit. I feel so uplifted and fresh every time I use it no matter how funky my mood might be at the time. Nature Balance Wellness seems to have a masters degree in developing luxuriously potent scent-scapes.

The Desire Body Lotion is absolutely amazing. It is very hydrating and not greasy whatsoever. It is gentle and it smells divine.  Unisex, the hubby and I have both been using it regularly. He tried to claim dominance over it when he first smelled it. Cute. It is also gentle enough to use as an eye makeup remover. I have nothing but good things to say about this product and the scent combination is so brilliant. I am a big patchouli and orange lover to begin with the addition of Jasmine and Sandalwood this is a truly spectacular blend.
What a great little soothing stick of wonder. The Healing Balm for Burns, Scrapes and Rashes provides a protective barrier for those who may have dry itchy skin like my youngest boy. It smells good too! My neighbor and good friend Travis tried some and he found the scent very much reminded him of a balm from Burts Bee's that he used to use as a child. It brought back good memories for him. One of the main ingredients in this balm is Chickweed!

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