Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Pure-Incense.com

I received a small package containing various incense sticks to sample and review from Pure-Incense. The incense is crafted according to the ways of the ancients instead of the modern commercial world and was originally intended for temple deity worship. It wasn't even discovered by the Western world until the 1960's.

The Absolute Sandalwood smelled earthy and sweet. It burns very pure and it did not aggravate my delicate sinuses like cheap store bought commercial incense. A very comforting and calming scent, sandalwood promotes well being and has a 4000 year history as a meditative aide. While burning a stick of Frankincense our neighbor Darby came over, having previously spent a few months in India he found it quite strange that particular stick of incense smelled "so much like India". It was as though he walked into another country.

Upon first smelling the Absolute Agarwood, I was taken back to my childhood. It reminded me of the more masculine scents in the bathroom at my grandparents house growing up. I pondered if my grandfather used a product that contained Agarwood (Oud) oil. It is a very woodsy scent with a hint of spiciness. The Agarwood burns a little thicker than the Sandalwood but I adapted to it very quickly. It a very therapeutic and relaxing scent which serves to reason considering Agarwood has been used in ritual meditations for many generations. The more I inhale the aroma, the deeper the relaxation. Did you know that Agarwood is produced from a diseased Asian fur tree fighting a fungal infection?

Night Queen smells nothing like the first two sticks. It is Jasmine dominant with a note of another scent that I cannot put my finger on. It is pungently aromatic and I do understand the correlation between the jungle reference in the product description. Something in its aroma reminds me of growth and dense foliage. Hari Leela reminded my husband of an old friends home. It has a very stimulating and woody smell.  I really enjoyed both the quality of this incense so much I placed an order for bundle of assorted scents!

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