Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Product Review: Nature Balance Wellness -

Nature Balance Wellness sent me a 3 piece Yarrow and Rosemary facial for oily skin, consisting of Yarrow and Rosemary Deep Foaming Cleanser, Yarrow and Rosemary Clarifying Toner and the Yarrow and Rosemary Light Daily Moisturizer as well as an assortment of other products. However, I thought I would review this facial collection separately from the other products.

I began by reading the list of ingredients, as per usual. Containing 68% organic ingredients, I was happily surprised that the first ingredient listed on the Yarrow & Rosemary Deep Foaming Cleanser was Rosemary Tea brewed with Purified water. An infusion is an excellent way to collect all of the oils from the herb. Imagine how giddy I became, giggling as I showered, knowing full well I was washing my face with a blend of Rosemary Tea and Vegetable glycerin and other fine ingredients. Something about that sheer fact alone had my inner child quite excited.

The Yarrow & Rosemary Clarifying Toner contains 20% Organic Ingredients and the very first ingredient is Witch hazel Distilate! Witch Hazel is absolutely wonderful for the skin!The second ingredient is Rosemary Floral water. Now for those of you who are unaware, Rosemary Floral water (Rosemary in general) is said to be wonderful for for acne or oily skin.

All of the products worked wonderfully except I found the Yarrow & Rosemary Light Moisturizer to still be a touch to heavy for my skin. I live in a very humid, coastal region of Canada so it still doesn't quite put my skin in balance. I had much more success keeping the oily shine down on my face using only the Cleanser and the Toner.

With the holidays fast approaching, the facial products from Nature Balance Wellness makes a wonderful gift idea.

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