Saturday, October 15, 2011

#Review - Taste of Nature Bars

Taste of Nature has a large selection of bars in all sorts of exotic flavors. Nova Scotia Blueberry Fields, Canadian Maple Forest, Persian Pomegranate Garden, Caribbean Ginger Island to name a few of the deliciously organic wonders. Made without fillers and nasty chemicals, Taste of Nature contains no GMO's or anything artificial. They are certified kosher, certified vegan and gluten free.

My first impression upon trying these bars was the quality of the ingredients. You can taste the purity of the product. They are remarkably nutritious. One of these bars could easily be a light breakfast and provide nutrients and energy to get you through a large part of the day. To top it off the nuts in these bars can help curb hunger cravings! My oldest son couldn't resist helping himself to one of these tasty treats. He enjoyed it and asked if we could pick up some more.

The Canadian Maple Forest bar contains:
organic pecans, organic apricots, organic brazil nuts, organic honey, organic brown rice syrup, organic raisins, organic whole brown rice crisps, organic agave nectar, organic maple syrup, organic maple flavour, organic vanilla flavour and sea salt.

Disclaimer: I received various Taste of Nature Bars to sample for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and are based upon my own personal experience. Your experience may differ. I received no additional compensation for this review.

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