Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beautiful Sunflowers and Giveaways

I have a few sunflowers in my garden at different stages of their development. They are not very tall. Being the 3rd batch that was planted, there was not much time left in their natural light cycle to vegetate and gain the height for which they are known. The first 2 batches of sunflowers that I planted were uprooted by the crows and other birds. They are very fond of the sprouts.

The sunflowers are so beautiful to watch this time of year. The geometrical patterns at every stage of flowering is quite breathtaking.

My oldest son has started Middle school and the change in him from School aged to Teenager was almost immediate. He has a new girlfriend that he speaks with on the phone at least 6 times a night.

In the week ahead, I have 2 products that I will be reviewing here at Music and Mommies. One of these products is a Degreaser from Stanley Home Products. It was sent to me with a list of 50 uses for this product. I plan on trying out use #28 and cleaning my BBQ racks with it and whatever other random uses hit me in the moment. If you happen to 'like' their facebook page, be sure to say hello.

The second review I will be posting this week is a Chickweed Herbal Salve and Serenity Moisturizing Lotion from Meadow Muffin Gardens on Etsy. The shop owner Stacy has also offered up a prize for residents of the US and Canada. If you check back sometime during the day on Friday you should be able to enter.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers. If only those greedy birds would have waited they could have got so much more out of the sunflowers when they were grown up...