Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I stumbled across an interesting event on Facebook last night. Someone was asking that everyone plant a tree today for Mother's Day in honor of Mother Earth! I think that is a fantastic idea, so I plan on doing just that this evening. Yesterday was mine and the hubby's 9 year anniversary and he brought me home a plum tree. He said it was a pear tree at first but upon closer inspection we discovered that it was a Golden Yellow plum tree which is great because I really enjoy those plums! I thought it was so sweet and the thought of the family eating fruit off a tree that was inspired by love was absolutely touching and beautiful. It made me teary eyed! So I plan on planting that tree this evening and the 3 little seedlings that I have.


He dropped it off on the back steps and told me I could plant it where ever I decide. I think I'm going to plant it near the crab apple trees so I can see it from my bedroom window. I love to watch the property and the seasons change out of that window and eventually I would like to make an orchard of sorts around that side of the property!

Isn't it pretty! Plums of love will bloom on this lovely tree!