Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long Weekend Loveliness

I hope everyone had a great long weekend! I really enjoyed mine. It was filled with washers (similar to horseshoes for those who have never played), good food, good people and good music. I had a nice little dip in the lake too! The beauty of the lakes in the Tobeatic are captivating. There are some stones by the bridge that would be the "picture perfect" place to practice Tia Chi. It would be a little risky though, just getting to the rocks and then not falling off.... you would need to be professional.

There is a lot of Granite out there, which is full of quartz and feldspar. I brought a little bit home, I've had a fondness for different stones. In fact, I had a rock collection when I was a child. It was composed of different rocks that I had collected near bunkers island when I was a kid, before the sewage plant was built on the lower part of water street in town. I had a grocery bag filled with different rocks that I was drawn to as a child for whatever reason. My grandmother threw them out and I was devastated. Funny isn't it! To my grandmother it was just a bag of rocks, to me they were my Pokemon cards.

I absolutely LOVED having my banjo out in the middle of the wilderness. I am fond of just sitting under a tree a just fiddling with it, working out new ideas while I watch the birds and listen to the random commotion.

So, back again at the homestead, after a much needed venture into the heart of Nova Scotia (as far as I'm concerned!) after a nice little unexpected BBQ at my father's house on the way home. It was so nice of him and Patty to watch the kids for the weekend while we embarked on our adventure. They had a wonderful time.

I arrived at home to find that the crows had indeed left my garden alone while I was gone (it seems they prefer to play games with me when I am around. It is much funner after all to witness my reaction.) My remaining squash are in rough shape from the dry weather and lack of rain. So I gave them a nice bath and noticed.... my POTATOES are sprouting! YAY :)

A lovely end to a lovely weekend! Tonight I am off to see Eclipse with my mother, my dear friend Jessi and her mother. I am the one in the group who hasn't read the books and I refuse to read the books until I have seen the movies. I dislike comparing the movies to the books. So I read them afterwards and in my mind it is very much like visualizing the Directors cut. Jessi has read all of the books, so by averaging out our opinions we get a very accurate representation of how good the movie is.

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