Friday, July 2, 2010

Acupressure, Yet another tiny history lesson

You might remember my tiny history lesson in Acupressure history last week. Well since I have a ridiculous amount of information on the subject I thought I would continue where I left off.

So essentially, the ancient physicians (and Taoists) who developed acupressure believed that humans beings are an integral part of the universe. Like trees, clouds, land, animals, planets... we are all a part of one substance, one fabric. This belief can be found in various other religions and spiritual groups throughout the world and is the foundation of many different unity groups. So, humans are subject to the laws of nature and just as the physical universe we also continually move through a yearly cycle. So when we fail to adapt to these cyclical changes we are more prone to illnesses.

The Chinese philosophers believed in a 5-season year and each of those seasons were associated with one of 5 elements that compose the one fabric of the natural universe. Each element is as part of your being as it is a part of the world you live in. When your 5 elements are in harmony, you are balanced and healthy.

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