Monday, June 28, 2010

The Rain helps things grow / Out darn Crows

I finally got everything planted in the garden a couple days ago, on the night of the full moon. I have been putting saving my coffee grounds and tea leaves and giving those to the plants too. The plants like that a lot, coffee grounds release nitrogen into the soil. Hubby graciously brought home some veggie plants in dire need of a good home. I questioned if some of them would make it. Most of them are thriving beautifully right now. There are maybe a couple squash plants that were starting to die but they look a little more lively today.

A couple days ago, the morning after all the veggies were planted. I strolled out to check on them (fortunately) and found that one of my green pepper plants had been uprooted. It appeared as though a deer ate one of the leaves and in the process I believe they unintentionally lifted it up. So I planted it again and it is doing well. It has a large bit mark on a leaf at the bottom. I believe a fence is in order.

I don't mind the animals eating the crab apples, blueberries or the blackberries. There is more than enough to go around but I am afraid I have to draw the line at my garden. OH! Did I mention that we have a family of crows living here? They are lifting up the lid to our compost bin and having a feast. Which would have been alright if they didn't call their friends. Now there is a community of them living in a tree at our tree line. I hear them caw all the time. I don't mind the noise because it is kind of funny listening to them communicate with one another. I just know that if we don't manage this problem that it will grow out of control.

Anyone know how to make some effective scarecrows? :)

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