Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Benefits of Aloe Vera

With about 200 different varieties, Aloe can be a gardeners delight. But Aloe Vera is desired outside of the garden, familiarize yourself with the healing properties of Aloe.

While research hasn't shown much proof that using Aloe is beneficial towards burns and your skin in general, people have been using aloe to treat burns and various skin ailments like insect bits or a small wound. Aloe can also be found in the form of a juice and when taken internally it can sooth the entire digestive track. It does wonders with cases of gastritis, heartburn, acid reflux, colitis, diverticulitis, ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome. So next time you are in need of some antacids, try going on a mini regime of Aloe and see if that helps!

Recent studies show that ingesting Aloe Vera Orally may benefit those with Diabetes.

While best straight from the plant, you can find Aloe Vera in many different skin-care products both natural and chemically laden. It's can be used to heal acne, cuts, sun burn, psoriasis, dandruff, cradle cap and MANY more ailments. Remember to read the ingredients when choosing your skin-care products. Even natural products aren't always best for your body!

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