Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grumpy Crow Fun Time

At first I thought it was the deer slowly hacking at my garden, now I see things in a new light. You see, I highly doubt that the deer think it would be fun to pull all of my plant labels out of the ground every night. These crows on the other hand might do just that. I'm not talking about the odd tag that might have been trampled on. No, instead, every single tag gets rooted up in the night by these birds partying in the night (most likely in the early morning light) in my garden, leaving droppings all over the place and trying to uproot my plants. Some of them have been replanted a few times and they are tough little buggers. I'm concerned though, when these plants really take root... this kind of tomfoolery could really damage them. I lost another buttercup squash plant on account of this business... a cucumber as well. My scarecrow is going to be one scary fellow.

Oh mischievous crow family, this morning I stood in my garden plot, watching the tree in which you nest. Listening intently as you banter amongst your brood, taunting me with your caws of laughter. I yelled at you and your family to let you know that I'm watching you and your crow friends. I don't appreciate you leaving stool everywhere. Your day will come you grumpy little pranksters! 

Is this why my grandmother chased things out of her yard with a broom? 

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