Monday, June 28, 2010

Catnip Nighttime Tea

You can make tea with catnip. Yes, I'm absolutely serious. I didn't know you could make tea with catnip. I didn't know it could be ingested by humans. I did know it was a member of the mint family. I guess I just never made the connection. My associations with catnip, had everything to do with my cat rolling around on a sewn fortune cookie that was stuffed with catnip and stored in more catnip. In my search for answers. I discovered that mice who had been given catnip extract experienced longer sleep times and a reduction of overall activity. I also found out that catnip had great respiratory benefits and can aid with infection and cold and flus. Interesting, indeed.

Fantastic, now my cat and I can enjoy this wonderful herb together while the hubby so loving teases and makes up little song jingles about me and my cat and catnip! Good times.

I did find a great catnip recipe for a Nighttime Tea to help sooth all you restless sleepers!

1 cup boiling water
1 part dried chamomile flower
1 part mint
1/2 part catnip

I read somewhere else that if you are using fresh catnip to cover the tea while steeping for 5-10 minutes so that the natural oils do not evaporate.

PS: People who are sensitive to ragweed, might also be sensitive to chamomile.

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  1. This is excellcent when you have the flu. I just make it straight catnip tea, with a little lemon and sugar. It really works.
    Warning, don't make this with cats in the room.LOL