Thursday, May 6, 2010

Children's Book Review: Melvin the Magnificent Molar

About the Book:

Meet Melvin, the lovable tooth. Through Melvin's view of the world, this book encourages children in a fun-loving way to actually want to brush their teeth. By promoting brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist. Melvin shows readers young and old how to make sure they will have happy teeth and healthy smiles that will last them a lifetime!

About the Authors:

Julia Cook is a former teach and school guidance counselor. She is the recipient of several book awards including the AEP (Association for Educational Publishers) Distinguished Achievement Award. The goal behind Julia's books is to actively involve her readers into her fun and creative stories and teach them to become "better." Inspirations for her books come from working with children and carefully listening to parents and teachers.

Dr. Laura Jana is a pediatrician and award-winning parenting book author. As a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics' Executive Committee on Early Education and Child Care and a longstanding national advocate for Reach Out and Read, Dr. Laura is firmly committed to teaching practical and positive parenting, health promotion, and making books a part of every healthy childhood. In addition to owning a 200-student educational child care center in Omaha, NE she now applies her professional expertise and passion to the co-creation of Amazing Me Books.

My Thoughts:

I received the book late last week but unfortunately I had been knocked out with a sinus infection so I was distancing myself from the rest of the family so they wouldn't get sick. Last night I finally had the privilege of reading this story to both my children. The book itself was signed by Julia and Laura and I thought that was really nice of them to do so! Jeremy (my oldest) thought so as well.

The book itself is actually pretty adorable. Melvin the Molar comes to life and he is full of personality. The book impressed me, not only was it colorful but the words danced all over the page which will draw the children into the page and encourage reading. Melvin speaks with confidence and pride with lots of positive phrasings that will help encourage positive thinking patterns among young readers.

There is only one thing that I wanted to point out, fluoride treatments are casually mentioned on more than one occasion. I know many parents who are against fluoride treatments because of its level of toxicity. If this reflects your values, than this book is not for you. Otherwise, this is a beautiful book. If you are interesting in purchasing Melvin the Molar you can do so on Julia's website or directly from Amazon.

Julia Cook and Dr. Laura Jana will have a new children's book out in a couple months called "It's You and Me Against the Pee." Keep your eyes open for it.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy to review for my honest opinion and was not given any other monetary payment. I am an Amazon Associate so clicking on the link above may result in compensation if purchases are made. Thank you to Julia and Laura for my review copy and to the Twitter Moms for connecting me with this review opportunity.

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