Thursday, May 6, 2010

Book Review: God Soul Mind Brain

About the Book:
Writing for the general public, Michael Graziano explores the controversial relationship between Religion and Science. First dismissing the Science verses Religion debate as "outdated." The cutting edge field of social neuroscience explains how our perceptions of our own consciousness, of other minds, and of Spirits or Gods depend on the machinery in the brain that evolved to make us socially intelligent animals. In clear prose, without the technical jargon, Graziano discusses his and others findings in this twenty-year-old science and the implications for human spirituality and religion.

About the Author:
Michael Graziano is a professor of Neuroscience at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute and director of the Sensory Motor Institute. He is the author of 56 articles on the functioning of the brain. His work regularly appears in journals such as Science, Nature and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. He is internationally known for fundamental discoveries about sensory perception and motor control in the brain. His previous book on the brain, The Intelligent Movement Machine, was published by Oxford University Press in 2008.

My Thoughts:
Well it has certainly been thought provoking to say the least and it has been the inspiration behind two different "heavier" posts this week. "God, Soul, Mind, Brain" was a decent book and it was refreshing to find a mild amount of humor interlaced with something that you almost expect to be dry. Graziano introduced some interesting perceptions and followed up with example scenarios. Graziano expressed that Chapters 4 and 7 in the book were the most important conceptually. I found however that the first 3 chapters in the book were equally as important to paint the picture of intent. I did find a couple of sections where it seemed a little repetitive and those sections were almost the death of me... my mind wanders too much. Overall, this book is worth reading.

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of this book on a 14 day license to read and review. I was in no way compensated and my opinion is honest. Thank you to NetGalley for connecting me with this author. Clicking on the link for Amazon might result in compensation if purchases are made.

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