Sunday, April 18, 2010

Scented Saturdays 6 - Lime

Lime was originally cultivated in Asia but is now found worldwide in most warm countries. Ship crews would often depend on lime to prevent scurvy because of its high vitamin C content.

With it's cooling effect on fevers, lime is an excellent remedy for indigestion and heartburn. It has a naturally uplifting scent and can help lift depression and cheer you up a bit when you are feeling under the weather. Lime is also used as an astringent and can help clear oily skin and acne. It is also used to fight cellulite and to tone the skin in general.

Lime oil is most commonly obtained by steam distillation (with the whole fruit) or by cold expression (with the peel of unripe skin).

Lime oil can be used as a massage oil or diluted in the bath to help with painful muscles and joints and even respiratory problems.

To help promote nail growth, mix 2-3 drops in one ounce of almond oil and massage into cuticles.

Lime blends well with Neroli, Lavender, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Juniper, Ylang-Ylang

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  1. Oh I so would love a bath with Lime in it after a work out! What a great idea :) And fight cellulite and tone I think I may just bath in it daily! :)