Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wen by Chaz Dean - Review

"After years of seeing the damage caused by ordinary shampoos on his clients’ hair, celebrity hairstylist, Chaz Dean, created Wen® which takes a different approach to cleaning and conditioning hair. A single-step process, Wen® is a Cleansing Conditioner made with natural ingredients, avoiding sodium laurel sulfate and other damaging detergents usually found in shampoos— so it won’t strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils. The Wen® Cleansing Conditioner does not lather but rather feels like a thick conditioning treatment on the hair. Wen® adds sheen, luster, moisture, manageability and better color retention. "

REVOLUTIONIZE the way you cleanse your hair...

I was really excited to receive this product. I am really fond of natural and organic products and have been looking for a "wonder product". A product that does everything I want it too and is not full of harmful chemicals. The smell... is amazing. I should mention that my nose is geared for aromatherapy scents... and it is pleased.

For those that are not aware of the benefits received by using Wen by Chaz Dean, I will reveal them to you!

  • Adds moisture, body, and shine.
  • Works great on straight, wavy, curly and ethnic hair.
  • Leaves hair soft, manageable and touchable.
  • Can be used before and after any chemical treatment or when hair has been stressed.
  • Strengthening action that repairs damage, renews elasticity, and reduces chemical stress of dry, extremely damaged hair.
I should mention that I have had plenty of time to prepare my hair for this review. I didn't have to do much either. The Nova Scotia humidity can take all the credit for how greasy and weighed down my hair can appear when I wake after washing it only the evening before.

Now, I'm off to the shower now to give this baby a try!

[20 minutes later]

Okay, honestly at first I was a little skeptical. I have tried many products claiming to be natural or organic and while some have cleaned my hair, others have not. I have found that many of are only formulated for certain hair types... or are not formulated at all. Wen cleaned my hair like no other.

At first because of the lack of detergents in the product it felt as though I was just massaging conditioner into my hair. There was no lather whatsoever, some people may find that alarming the very first time they use it. My scalp tingled nicely from the peppermint and I loved the mental clarity it brought as I let it sit in my hair for the alloted time.

Since my hair is fine, I was able to get away with using a little less than the recommended amount although they do have a cleansing conditioner for fine hair in Cucumber-Aloe.

When it was all said and done, I rinsed out the product and put a small drop in for a leave in conditioner. I wondered if my hair was going to be greasy. Often times leave in conditioner will make my hair greasy.

My hair was NOT greasy. It was very clean and not in a stripped clean kind of way either. It felt nice and lively. As my hair dried it had this healthy bounce to it that I usually only see if I end up going to the salon. I was in awe to find this natural product free volume in my hair... so I went to the garage where hubby has spend the last 2 weeks building a desk (seems like a long time.... I should mention that it is his first desk and he is a very careful planner.) The ultimate test of course is his approval. Not only did he notice but he COMPLIMENTED me. This... This is an achievement!!

The only downfall to the product is the price, at $49.99 US, it is pretty steep for my blood... even the auto-delivery price of $29.99 US is pretty steep, even for a miracle shampoo. However, for those special red carpet moments in your life... it is totally worth it. I would love to see this product line put out something similar but more affordable for us low-budget lookers :)

My hair is so soft!

Disclaimer: I was compensated with the product that I reviewed and all opinions expressed are my honest opinions. Clicking on any links in this post will not result in any monetary compensation on my behalf. I was given the opportunity to review this product by Guthy-Renker, LLC because of my membership at the Product Review Place.

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  1. Great review! Nice to bump into a fellow Nova Scotian :O)