Monday, February 17, 2020

Many Moons Make Many

It has been 4 years since my last blog post. I don't know what has prompted me to do this. I journal. I am sastifying my inner desire to write. But having said that it is not an uncommon feeling for me to do things without understanding why. Sometimes my feet take me where my heart wants to go and my head is none the wiser. 

What have I been doing for the last four years?

I got my drivers license. I also totalled my first car. No one else was involved. Just my own inexperience and ego. I had a concussion and was off work for nearly a month.

I began working outside of the house again. After many years of doing freelance work, I felt the need to work outside of the home again. I supervise a cafe in town. I discovered that I really enjoy the technical side of how to make a good cup of espresso. Plus, I have always enjoyed coffee and tea.... and coffee and tea related things. During this time period, I also created a bunch of characters based on staff members and customers and started hand drawing them on coffee sleeves. This caught on! I did not see it happening. There are a few of us who hand draw them now. We have an instagram page @perkyowlart for some of the creations, although I don't have many sleeves on there that were drawn by others as they don't seem to land in my hand when I am thinking about taking pictures. I love seeing all of the art and individual interpretations of each character. 

I took up painting a few years ago. I started doing it because I felt compelled to create that way. I didn't set out to do such a thing. It happened organically. Over time the paintings just started taking over the house, so I sold a few. But that also happened without effort. I wasn't trying to sell them. In light of this I have decided to have a few prints made, and to see what happens. Truth be told, I just really enjoy painting. If selling them creates space so I can keep painting, that is terrific. I have an instagram page @crysscreative for my artwork. This is the most recent I have painted, as a gift for my mother. 

I became a certified yoga teacher. I received my 200 hour teacher training in Traditional Yoga, led by Kerry Lawson. Since then, I have received an additional 50 hour teacher training in Yin Yoga, led by Tamara MacIntyre. I am really drawn to Yin. I have fibromyalgia and because yin works with the fascia, it has become a vital part of my pain management. I still practice Hatha and faster flows, but I teach yin and slower flows. I currently teach 2 classes a week but I am adding a 3rd class. 

Jessi has moved back to Yarmouth since the last time I blogged, so we have been weening our way into songwriting and playing music together again. We have also been dabbling with art collaborations and I have always adored how our processes compliment each other so much. 

Most recently, my oldest son Jeremy, has enrolled in the navy. He completed his basic training and was priviledged enough to be on leave when he and his wonderful lady gave birth to a beautiful big eyed girl named Avery-May Celeste Porter. She is 2 months old today. I adore being a new grandmother. I am so proud of Jeremy. He has made some pretty big decisions lately and he has handling them with grace. He grew up into a fine, compassionate young man. 

I recently took a soap making workshop. It is something I have wanted to do for a few years now. I have always been a bit of a handmade soap addict... and an herb lover. So I love that I get to combine them in a crafty fashion. I have already made 2 batches and I am waiting for them to cure. I have another batch in mind that I am going to make over the next few days. 

I began taking a beginners belly dancing class with Jessi. I have wanted to do this for a few years as well! It is lovely seeing all of these seeds bear fruit. I honestly feel so much joy during this class. I always feel like I could dance the night away when we take it and always so sad when it is over. The class is led by Sasha Begg and she is such a great teacher!

I still perform, I still write music. I was also in 2 dinner theatres since I posted here last and would definitely be up for another. I had such a fun time performing in both shows. I think we had somewhere between 8-10 nights per show over a couple months. 

While it has been busy, I am not opposed to writing here. Although, I don't know what the vision will be. I am also not going to force one. I will most likely not write any reviews, although... who knows! I will not force content. I simply wish for things to happen organically. Maybe months and years will go by between posts, maybe hours.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gardening Season

It has been a busy month. I've spent most of the last month outside doing yard work and getting the garden ready for the upcoming season. After all of the work Mat and his uncle did with the tractor in the fall, there was a bit of rock raking to do before we could lay down some grass seed. After many hours of activity, the majority of the rocks have been removed. Unfortunately, until the grass grows, I will have to pick up rocks all season as the rain reveals them.

The garden has been another mission. After all the digging in the fall, I found myself with an abundance of large rocks on the property. So I decided to make various wide, raised beds, instead of the traditional rows. The grass can grow between them and I will only have to worry about weeding the beds themselves and not the entire plot. This extra bit of work will save me so much time in the future. I spent many days lugging rocks from the area I now call "the quarry" to the garden. The hubby things it looks lovely but dislikes the rocks. He doesn't like anything that might interfere with his mowing, I use the whipper around the garden bed though, so it isn't a problem. He lovingly calls my garden "Stonehenge" now. He said the tourists will flock to see it. What a ham!

I've planted flowers this year. I usually only plant fruits, vegetables and legumes. This year I've planted a few wildflower seed packs from Vessey's Seeds and Cheerios. I've also planted some Lilies, Dahlias and Sunflowers. I have more flowers to plant in the coming month. I've also planted all of my cold weather crops too. My peas, radishes, garlic and onions have already sprouted and are growing nicely. My potatoes and lettuce should soon follow. I'm excited to watch things grow. 

I've also built a fire pit out of the brick from our old chimney. It feels so nice to have a fire pit near the garden. I'm going to be getting some strands of solar lights to hang in the garden. I want to make it more inviting for the night time, that way I can enjoy it more frequently on nights where the moon might not be as visible.

The hubby and I celebrated our anniversary last weekend. We've been together for 14 years. On our adventures, we stopped into a place that sold handcrafts and picked up a beautiful goofy looking owl for the garden. I haven't named him yet. Any suggestions?

Review - MagPops

Disclaimer: I received samples of this product free from Social Nature in exchange for my honest review. This review is based upon my personal experience with the product.

MagPop's are a great way to sneak in additional doses of magnesium. The product is fizzy but it didn't fizz up when I added water like I expected. I was also expecting it to be sweet and it wasn't. It did have an orange taste to it which probably does help the magnesium's overall flavor. I didn't enjoy the taste, but I wasn't turned off by it. I found it strange but adaptable. I love the fact that it is vegan.

It is not something that I can see myself taking every day, twice a day,  although it is safe. I would probably use it to supplement the second half of my menstrual cycle to help prevent weight gain and to regulate my menstrual symptoms. This would also be a great supplement for children as magnesium is such an important part of a growing body.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Review: L'Oreal Total Repair 5

Disclaimer: I received this L'Oreal VoxBox free from Influenster to test out and review. All opinions are my own and based upon my experience with the product.

This is my hair before trying L'Oreal Total Repair 5. I was actually having a decent hair day that day but you can still see its weight and you can really tell that I need to get about 3 inches of dead ends cut off the bottom. I hadn't used any heat tools this time around so my waves are plentiful.

After washing my hair with the L'Oreal Total Repair 5 shampoo and conditioner I put some of the Cica cream in my hair and then I blew out my locks. I was ready to straighten it. It is looking mighty frizzy right now.

I must say, the L'oreal Total Repair 5 did a great job at taming my locks. It doesn't look as dead and weighted down, considering the length of my hair. I still have an abundance of split ends, but it looks more in control. 

I do like the smell of the product, although it isn't sweet smelling like a lot of products on the market. It smells like shampoo used to smell in the 80's. It brought about a bit of nostalgia. I think I like the Cica Creme the best out of the product line.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Review - Lise Watier Hydraforce

Disclaimer: I received this product from the Glam Sense program, powered by Topbox, free for testing purposes. All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience with the product.

I'm always on the hunt for a good moisturizer. That is why I was so excited when my Lise Watier Glam Sense box arrived that contained the very hydrating Hydraforce moisturizer, a weatherproof moisturizer at that.

But, I wasn't quite sure about this little rig. According to the note I received, I was supposed to use my smart phone to download the Hydra-Detect app issued by Lise Watier Cosmetics.

After downloading the app, I plugged in the hydration tool gadget as instructed. I opened up the jaw while waiting and I was amazed with it's beautiful presentation.

I used the app and the hydration tool to test the moisture content of my cheeks. Before applying Hydraforce, my skin was fairly dry. After applying Hydraforce to my cheeks, the moisture content in my cheeks had doubled.

Maybe you can't tell... I'm flushed, having just left the bathtub. The picture is also a little blurry. But, I can see the moisture difference in the bottom picture, can you?  I love this product. 

Now unfortunately, this product is a little outside my budget at $45 a jar, but it works. I will use what I have sparingly in the meantime and I will buy it again in the future, after I save some pennies.